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Riga Planning Region as a territory is situated in the central part of Latvia, and its centre is Riga - the capital of Latvia. Riga is internationally recognized as one of the most important metropolis in the Baltic Sea region. The territory of the region includes Riga, Jūrmala, as well as districts of Riga, Tukums, Ogre and Limbaži. The situation in the heart of the Baltic countries and on the border between the European and cultures of the Eastern countries has turned Riga region into the bridge between different countries and their population.

The region is characterised by multinational, dynamic capital city Riga, which has hosted different nations and their influences, however, such picturesque provincial towns as Limbaži, Tukums, Ogre, resort cities of Jūrmala and Sigulda, as well as industrially untouched country side are also important.

In accordance with the Law on Regional Development Riga Planning Region as an institution is a derived public entity /state institution/, which is supervised by the Ministry of Regional Development and Local Government. The decision-making authority of Planning Region is Riga Planning Region Development Council (RPRDC), which is appointed at the meeting of all the heads of the local municipalities comprising this planning region from the municipal deputies. Riga Planning Region Council consists of 18 appointed members.

The work of Riga Planning Region is determined by its by-laws. The functions of Planning Region are determined by the Law on Regional Development. In accordance with the by-laws of RPRDC, Riga Planning Region Administration has been created, which has the function of regional decision-making authority.

In order to provide coordination and cooperation with the institutions at the national level and Planning Region in carrying out the activities for supporting the regional development, a Cooperation Committee has been created in Riga Planning Region, which is administered by the Committee’s chairman.

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